Unconditional Love

This morning was perfect

In every sense of it

In the stillness of it all I reflect on the fact that it’s been an extremely difficult few months for us.

We have had more fights in the past 4 months then we have our whole relationship.

We have gone weeks without looking at each other let alone talking to each other

We have said mean things and made each other cry

We have called it quits behind close doors and battled it to where we are now.

When I close my eyes and wrap my arms around my stomach it’s you I feel holding and squeezing me back.

It is you that comes to my rescue always; it’s you that saves me every time I lose my faith.

It’s you that let’s me be ME the most break downs and all.

It’s you that knows ME underneath all the fake smiles, strong attitudes and toxicity underneath all my insecurities, my traumas , my past …MY EVERYTHING ,


Unconditionally !

The kind of love and acceptance I longed for all my life.

With everything that has gone on between us in the last four months; this morning we became whole again

You are my home

You are my person

You are where I feel the safest.

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