Mariam WHO?

about the author…… hmmmm

what is it about the author really ?

well i can only be honest….. there isn’t much to say about this particular author

my name is ma-ri-am , i have a passion for story telling and sharing experiences i hope that my blog may not only  inspire but to also give hope, strength and joy to you as a reader.

It has been 2 years since i last posted and a lot has happened since then

I AM BACK with new and REAL chapters


all  names but my own  have been changed

i love feedbacks and interacting with readers so feel free to leave a comment of what you think or even your own experiences.

Published by: luvuissa

Hi my name is mariam i am a STRONG Sierra Leonian - Australian woman that has a lot to SAY because A LOT has happened in my life, i hope my words can be of courage, wisdom,hope and adventure for you

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